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A new visual identity, to give a big step towards the future.

Apr 21, 2023 -

Is our commitment to innovate and offer the best identification solutions and smart management of spaces and people, that we go one step further to adapt ourselves to the new necessities of the organizations.

We are in a transformation proccess based in our three key values: innovation, technology and mobility.

For it, we have developed a new visual identity for our business. Our leitmotiv is to change the access control world, with the objective of achieving that the organzations are more secure, comfortable and sustainable. That is why, we apply the concept Smart Building and the digitization to achieve that the processes linked to the mobility and security in the work areas and the work day management area easy and intuitive, easy to integrate, install and maintain. With our advanced technologies of identification and the access control systems, the organizations substantially improve their efficiency, reducing operating costs and providing a secure and productive environment for their employees and visitors.

Definitely, we help managing the spaces and users in an easy and secure way.

The principal benefits

It is clear that the identification and smart management of spaces and people has become a critial necessity for many organizations and business in the present. In Intemo we would like our clients to benefit the most of the advantages of implementing this smart management of spaces and people:

Organizations + Secure: We apply flexible security politics and adaptable to each organization and to each work center, complying with the regulations of data protection. We offer security in the communications and applications



Simplicity and security, both for the companies and the users

Organizations + Comfortable: From a self management system in our App InteMobile Access or our Intermo Server platfrom, we have achieved that the own user can have a physical access to areas, reserve spaces and services, manage their visits, their workday, their requests and their vacations. All this with the flexibility and guarantees that the organization delegates, providing an important cost saving in the procedures related by part of the dedicated staff.

Organizationes +Sustainable, Kilometer 0 products: We eliminate the use of paper in the daily tramits, we manufacture electronic devices locally, reducing the CO2 emissions without using contaminant materials and with RoHs fulfillments, we propose the use of eco identification methods and we go for a 100% recyclable packaging.

To unify and give coherence to all the project, we have renovated our brand image, maintaining the technologic concept, but with a more actual humanist vision, where the digital and physical world connect. Because the times and rhythms of the actual lives demand that the technology simplify the life. In Intemo we have unified the experience in the technology and security sector, with the baggage of more than 40 years in electronic fabrication.

The result of this union allows us:

Innovate, giving solution in an efficient, easy and secure way to the proffesional management of spaces.
Integrate the technology to multiple environments through the strategic design of hardware and software.
Simplify the mobility, offering a better user experience.

In this way, we keep moving towards the future, being more near, more accessible and more disposed to accompany our clients.

Are you ready to join us in this transformation?

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