Access control Glovo

Generalitat de Catalunya

Access control and schedule management

Location: Barcelona
Sector: Public Administration

Security and reliability for the access and schedule management in one of the principal centres of public Administration in Cataluña



Efficient management of 2 buildings, with more than 500 access devices for a 2.000 users flow.

Agile and dinamic flow with the deployment of our devices for doors, elevators, controlled passage corridors and in totems for vehicles at parking entrances.

Unification on the same platform of Access Control and Schedule Management.

Integration with the Employee portal of the Web and App T&A license: InteMobile Access

Automation of the management of a big volume of daily visits to the centre, including groups of guests for the acts being celebrated at the Auditorium.

Visit management with the A&C-IntemoServer license.
Allows to distribute and plan the visits through the credential preshipment to your phone in a QR format and the RFID cards assignment at the center reception.

Access control with different levels of security depending on the criticality of the areas.

SlimAccess, SlimAccess-BIO devices and the Intemo Server platform, to guarantee a 100% configurable and secure flow: card+fingerprint, card+plate, …

Integration with the elevator and parking system.

Adapatation of our technology with the elevators control system with the priority of call and permit or denial of access to determined floors.

Offer security, comfort and technology with an innovative design with the sustainable building certification.

One more time, the Intemo bet for an innovative and timeless design in our devices, has allowed us to fit in a demanding architectural environment.

Access control

We have reached an efficient management of the security in 2 buildings of 8 floors with more than 500 devices for more than 2.000 users.

success cases generalitat
Access control reception Building A

Access control reception Building A

Visit management and meeting rooms reservation

Access control and meeting room reservations

Access control

Access control with RFID

Auditorium access

Access control and Auditorium space reservation

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