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Access Control

Access control
Manages the access for employees, external collaborators and visitors in a comfortable way and with the maximum security guarantees

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Manages in an efficient way the pedestrian access, office areas, offices, workshops, elevators, access to services like canteens, lockers, mailboxes, job positions, vehicle access, parking spots, electric vehicle chargers, with our access control

Adaptable solution to any security corporative policy: from the more strict ones to the more flexible ones

Configuracion permisos Corporativos Intemo

Access permissions configuration

Unified management of the security, access, devices, CCTV, alarms

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Different identification methods adaptable to each user profile:
Card, fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, QR, App and multi factor

Access control

Cards, tickets,
tags with QR’S

Access control

RFID Cards

Access control

Mobile QR

Access control

Mobile NFC
Intemobile Access


Fingerprint biometrics

biometria facial

Facial biometrics

Covers all the needs in the corporative access control with our devices: pedestrian access, CPD’s Racks and vehicle access

Access control


Access control


Access control


Access control


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Access control


Access control


Access control

Siorack – Beacon

Access control


Unifies the operative, offers a major comfort to your users and guarantees security, integrating to the access control solution the card and credentials emissions, visit management and space reservation

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Cards and credentials emission

NFC eCard cards, eCard QR

Schedule management Intemo
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Cards emission

01 recepcion visitas

Visit reception

Visit management Intemo
Visit Manager

Visit management

Flexible visit management, covering the registration, identification, accreditation and the access

Access control

Attented management in

Access control

Unattended management

Access control

Pre web register of

Space booking Intemo
Space and booking01

Space booking

Management and optimization of the use of spaces, facilitating the automatic assignation or booking by the user and linked to the access

Space booking Intemo
IN Room manager 01

RoomManager: Bookings in your own device

01 calendario reservas espacios

Booking Calendar

Transform your phone into your most comfortable, secure and economic credential access with our disruptive InteMobile Access App multi app


With options for a remote door opening, CCTV camera visualization, notification and alert receiving, space booking and visit management


Customizable menu

e card

eCard NFC and QR

apertura remota
Remote door opening with CCTV viewing

Manage the schedule and presence control. Control the effective time work fulfilling the law.
Reduce the dedicated time to registration and management


Schedule management

Adaptable management of the effective time work and breaks, for employees, external collaborators, covering from a basic Schedule Regsitration to an advanced schedule management and linked to the access

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Schedule management Intemo

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