gestion horario
Access Control

Schedule management

Control the effective work time following the current normative.
Reduces the time dedicated to the registration and management

RFID Software Intemo

Adaptable solution to any politics of schedule management from
very flexible to strict ones.
Controls the schedule from any place and any device

Different identification methods adaptable to each user profile:
Card, fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, QR, App and multi factor

Access control

RFID Cards

Access control

NFC Phone
InteMobile Access


Finger biometrics

biometria facial

Facial biometrics

The solution is combinable in the same access control devices

Software Intemo Planimetry


Automanages the work time in a unified way: schedules, turns, work pauses, absences, vacations and hour bags.

Administration Panel Software Intemo

Schedule control Calendar

Simplifies the management with our web and multi application InteMobile Access App, the easiest and most comfortable way to do the work day registration, the auto management and the request validation done by supervisors.

With a geolocation option, notifications, alerts, messages and payroll sending.

registro horario diario intemo

Daily schedule registration

Mis registros

My registrations



Mis vacaciones

My vacations

Facilitates the daily operation of the schedule management awarding different roles:

operador superAdmin

SuperAdmin Operator
Move Manager

System configuration:
Configuration of the different work days, schedules, calendars, absence reasons, vacations, work groups, rules, reports, bag hours

Users management:
High, low, modification, users enrollment (facial, fingerprint)

01 Operador seguridad

Security operator
RRHH Move Manager

RRHH Operator:
He or she can visualize the users agendas, add and modify relative data to the markings, requests, export location reports, visualize signings in real time, reports and statistics, import and export data

operador emision

Operator emission
Cards & Enrollment
Move Manager

Credentials emission:
Possibility of creating designs for cards, associating to the design fixed and variable data, linking the designs to groups of users, emit personalized cards and ready to operate in the access control system

operador visitas

Operator Visits
Move Manager

Types of registration / request:
Schedule registration (self-management markings)
Absence reasons
Vacation management (request / approval)
Absence management (request / approval)
Hours bag
Supporting documents and communicated to the employee

01 operadores integraciones


ERP’S for high/low/modification users
Payroll management
Integration with EPI’s platforms
Integration with other solutions of schedule management.

Exterior access control Intemo
Access Control

Access control

Easy and intuitive management of the access permits to employees, exterior collaborators and visitors in any type of organization


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